People today are not conferred the honor of Knight of the the Order for services on the battlefields as an Order of Chivalry, titles are bestowed in return for selfless generosity and support because their gifts are doing something positive and worthwhile to support our humanitarian work worldwide.

Not every person who offers a gift can be honored, major support capital for our worldwide works is raised through our financial benefactors. Our Grand Council may recommend to our Order, people who have performed great service in support and shares our philanthropic works.

Consideration in selecting members are:demonstrated good character, documented accomplishments in life, and obvious commitment to the ideals of the Organization. The Order invests membership upon only those men and women who deport themselves in an honorable and chivalrous manner, who will be committed to the Order´s values and precepts, and who are Ecumenical in thought. A candidate´s involvement in other charitable, military, religious and hereditary organizations are welcome to our Order.. The candidate must be of the Christian Faith of any Denomination. Be over eighteen, son or daughter of a full member may be allowed to join at the age of seventeen.




Admission into the Order is open to all persons of good will who wish to collaborate in chivalrous spirit in the furtherance of the Order Statutes. Each Candidate may apply by sending a Letter Application which includes documentation of service. You should include your Curriculum Vitae, letter of moral civil conduct (lawyer, court, friends, etc.), certificate of moral religious conduct from your church, copy of birth certificate. (We will send your application forms)

All Reverends and the Ministers of the Christian faith are admitted as Ecclesiastical members (Chaplains of the Order) and all religious must enclose in  the application for admission, in addition to the documents provided in the application, a certificate of their superiors stating their ordination and their particular ecclesiastical title.

You will be informed of the procedure to be followed to submit your candidacy to the Order and of the Donations and The Chancery´s fees Requested.

Your possible eligibility for nomination as Knight or Lady will be submitted to the Board of the Order who will advise you in writing of his decision.

In order to help us continue to improve our service and upgrade our systems we appreciate any financial support you can provide. We are grateful for any amount of support no matter how small and any donations we receive will only go to pay for our infrastructure costs. Any amount of donations we receive over our infrastructure costs will be given to charity. You kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support the goals of the Order

of the Italian Republic

Circular (M_D GMILIII 104 0541891 of December 16, 2009)

From the Circular of the Ministry of Defense (M-D GMLII 104 0541891 of December 16, 2009) in the light of the latest decree according to the Diplomatic Protocol of the Italian Republic - Sovrano Ordine Militare ed Ospitaliero di Santa Maria di Gerusalemme Teutonico (Sovereign Military and Hospitaller of St. Maria of Jerusalem, Teutonic Order) is defined as the "non-national" Order of Chivalry.


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