International Award of the Concordance



Every year, we applaud the achievements of individuals for their charitable, peace and medical activities in the community.

 The Order of St. Maria of Jerusalem of the House of Antioch and Svevia has created the International Award of the Concordance to institutions and individuals who exhibit the highest of professional standards, and who enhance and further the knowledge and understanding of Medical Research, to reward those that are active in the field of charity and promote peace worldwide.

The purpose of the Awards of Merit is to recognize the care, thought and effort invested in these contributions and to inspire and encourage others by acknowledging exceptional contributions to humanity.

The beautiful award was created by the famous Artist Egidio Ambrosetti, Commentator of the Fraternal Teutonic Order of the House of Antioch and Svevia.  


Egidio Ambrosetti
"Man and Artist"

Man and artist, sculptor and gentleman, a poet of bronze and poet of everyday life too, Egidio Ambrosetti great is great modesty. His is a spontaneous natural modesty that transcends all human thought. 

Now and with good reason, Ambrosetti, is one of the most representative artists of contemporary art International. Self-taught sculptor, from his Ciociaria (Ciociara is the name of a traditional region of Central Italy without a defined border nor historical identity), land rich in history, absorbs naturalness and spontaneity, enriched with natural talent so that his art expresses in a poetic collection of Beauty of style and strength of feeling where derives the ubiquity of the masterpiece.





Egidio delivering the International Award  of Boniface VIII to His Sanctity Pope Giovanni Paolo II






Egidio during a meeting with His Sanctity Benedetto XVI





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